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This tiny spell jar features pieces of ethically sourced Colorado amethyst, lavender, and a small fragment of a cat rib bone and sealed with beeswax. Perfect for mini or traveling altars, especially those in the broom closet. Charge with your own intentions and energy or simply keep it as a memorable, tiny treasure. 

Tiny cat rib + amethyst+ lavender

  • This jar is approximately 1 inch tall and delicate. If the beeswax seal is removed items may be hard to return to the jar. 

    To care for this product, please keep out of extreme heat and hold. Extended exposure to sunlight, snow, rain or hail will cause damage. Do not use for any purpose outside of its intended use. The item should not be considered food safe and is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any illness or condition and is not approved by the FDA. 

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