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This unique elk skull was ethically sourced in its current condition. It was has been dyed black and is part of Void Kitty Curios' forthcoming, "Into the Void" collection. To preserve the longevity of this skull, the bone was cleaned and then treated with a special bio-based epoxy. Ethically sourced quartz from Arkansas. Hang near a window to catch the breeze, or near your altar for sound cleansing.

Into the Void- Elk Skull with Quartz Chime

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  • Elk/Wapiti skulls are a unique and precious treasure to honor and remember the cruel beauty of the world. Elk/Wapiti are prolific throughout North America and provide a multitude of different meanings to cultures throughout the world. Whether you follow a formalized belief system or walk a solitary spiritual path, elk are a source of wisdom, insight, and spiritual guidance to many people. We hope you find this elk-based product to be a spiritually enriching element wherever you may take it.

    To care for this product, please keep out of extreme heat and hold. Extended exposure to sunlight, snow, rain or hail will cause damage. Do not use for any purpose outside of its intended use. The item should not be considered food safe and is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any illness or condition and is not approved by the FDA. 

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