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These micro spell jars are perfect for anyone who is interested in peering beyond the veil. Spell jar includes amaranth, amethyst, and eggshells with a beeswax seal. They're an excellent addition for altars or or spell grids.

Micro Spell Jars- Spiritual Travel

  • All items ethically sourced from Colorado. We hope you find this Colorad-based product to be a spiritually enriching element wherever you may take it.

    Care and cleaning instructions:

    To care for this product, please keep out of extreme heat and hold. Extended exposure to sunlight, snow, rain or hail will cause damage. Do not use for any purpose outside of its intended use. The item should not be considered food safe and is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any illness or condition and is not approved by the FDA. 

    To clean, wipe with a damp warm cloth. 

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