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What our sourcing means to us

How we make sure your stranger goods are sustainably sourced

The world is full of affordable products that will quickly arrive at your door. But do you ever wonder where a crystal came from? Or the story behind a bone? 


At Void Kitty Curios, we take sourcing seriously. And if we can't find a source that meets our expectations, then we won't carry it. 


Here's what you can expect from our products: 

  • All crystals are sourced from within the United States, with hand tools and from small owner claim sites. In this way, we can verify that our crystals are free from slavery, unsafe working conditions, and minimal impact on the environment. Each product will list the crystal's state of origin.

  • All bones are legally sourced from within the United States and limited to animals that are not protected, threatened, or have the potential to be. Absolutely no bird bones or feathers will be sold to ensure compliance with the Migratory Bird Treaty. We will always take efforts to identify the age and sex of the animal when possible. 

  • All herbs are either wild foraged sustainably (taking less than 10% of what is available), sourced from a Fair Trade/Co-op, or grown directly by the owner.

  • All items that can be sourced from a Fair Trade Certified supplier will be. Animal products, such as leather, claws, and teeth, will be sourced from an indigenous supplier. 

  • All product shipping and packaging are plastic-free. All shipping and packaging components can be recycled and/or composted.

Image by fotografierende
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